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The Story of Video Seo Go

Video Seo is like a fine bottle of wine! You can't drink it, but you can get a good Social Buzz and High Returns.

Just like wine, Video Seo is refined by the art of distillation. The essential meaning and most important aspects of your Video are distilled for both Search Engines and your audience.

Just like aging a fine bottle of wine, good Video Seo does take time and this is doubly so for plain ole, Seo.

It's impossible to do proper Video Seo Marketing without considering the basic elements of Search Engine Optimization. So, besides Video SEO tips and best practices, you'll find posts on Keyword Research, Search Engine Ranking and even Content Marketing.

Before we go any further, I have a confession to make… I hate marketing.

Let me qualify that, I hate spam, every morning I have to toss out 100's of crappy emails. I hate it when my favorite shows are interrupted by stupid commercials, and I hate hype and candy coated pitches.

Empty promises and online scams have become more common than a summer cold. I shouldn't blame marketing though. It's the people who use marketing to hoodwink us, the people who use it as a weapon of mass delusion. It's these dubious bastards that I have a big problem with.

We need marketing and the best way to battle against it's misuse is to offer ethical alternatives.

I don’t know who you are or what you do, but am sure that a dose of high quality promo wouldn't hurt! Without any ‘marketing' who in the world would know you even exist? It would be like having a shop with no sign, a song with no name, or a book with no title!

Ok, so who the heck am I, and why should you do business with a Video Seo Marketing Service that was founded by a guy like me? Well, let me share a little bit about my background with you…

So Why Video Seo Go?

Back in the late 1980's I began a small boutique company that specialized in high end, Fine Art Jewelry. Zoein Jewels grew from scratch into a multimillion dollar enterprise that went toe to toe with the big brands like Bulgari and Cartier.

I hobnobbed with the Who's Who on the global stage, everyone from Presidents to Princesses, and garnered an impressive amount of media coverage and publicity. This isn't just hot air. You can check it out for yourself in my Zoein Press Book.

So why Video Seo Go? This is a rather personal and probably belongs in the bio section. Yet, the Bio Section is still on my to-do list and this is something that I believe is important for you to know.

It was never my intention to develop Zoein Jewels into a multinational jewelry conglomerate. In fact, I had to fight against it taking over too much of my life. Once the momentum sets in, it's easy to lose yourself and before you realize it, the business is running you instead of the other way around.

The jewelry provided a way for me to finance my research, writing and the spiritual work that I've dedicated my life to completing. The problem was that the business was not set up for scalability. It could only grow so much before becoming unwieldy.

After 25 years it needed more than I was willing or able to give. In short, it was taking way too much time and energy just to maintain the status quo.

I could either continue slaving away or scale it down to a level that could be more easily managed. So, I've been winding it down ever since. However, I do plan on licensing the Zoein Jewelry Brand so if your interested please do get in touch.

Are you wondering what all this has to do with Video Seo Go? Here's the kicker, and it's something that I never saw coming. You see, Search Engine Optimization and Search itself has implications that go far beyond what most people would ever imagine.

The sciences of the mind, neuroscience, linguistics and digital tech come together at the intersection of Search. You see, Search stands at the nexus between our lives and the virtual world.

The Search “industry was starting to realize that the paradigm of keyword searching needed to evolve and the way forward was to look at the Web not as a collection of documents or pages but as a digital representation of the real world”. Bing Blog “The Semantic Web”

Each time that you Search for something you are expressing a desire, and framing it in a pattern of thought, in a semantic syntax of keywords. Or in other words…

Search is where your desires, your thoughts, perceptions and concerns are instantly manifested on the digital plane.

It's easy for us to take this for granted. We're spoiled! Instead of rummaging through libraries in search of hard to find books or obscure references, all you have to do is type out your question.

You see, I love research. I'm fascinated with the meaning hidden behind the appearance of things, behind the words that we use to describe our experience and perception of the world.

In one of my books, The Code of Creation, I broke an ancient linguistic cypher, a phonetic code that was purportedly used to create the most perfect language in the world, the Sanskrit Language.

Now this is pretty heavy stuff and something that you probably wouldn't go out of your way to read about. However, this is exactly the kind of material that is perfect for documentaries and videos.

With a video, you can easily express even the most elaborate ideas in a way that most people can understand. Subjects with substance and elegant complexity make for great scripts and end up being videos that most of you would enjoy.

For example, this video, a mini-documentary on the Secrets of the Mona Lisa would have been a nightmare to write. Can you image what it would be like if I tried to sum up this short video in a book? It would have  taken at least a thousand wordy, hard to follow pages, and end up as a  book that no one would want to read.

Mona Lisa

So, now you can perhaps see why I've spent the last 6 years immersed in SEO, website development and video creation.

Is Video Seo Go for You?

When you first start looking around Video Seo Go, you'll notice that it doesn't follow the typical format. It is a different kind of website for people who are looking for a little more than the standard fare.

Even though, Video Seo Go is not for everyone, it will have something important to offer to plenty of people. We are small at the moment and busy with my own projects. To maintain the highest level of quality, we are unable to take on more than a handful of premium clients.

Even so, I don't want to leave out the little guys who are just getting started. If you're an independent artist, freelancer or have a big message but a small budget, there's plenty for you as well.

You see, the Video Seo and Content Marketing Services that we deliver to our high end clients are recipes, they're repeatable formulas. If I didn't lay them out in an easy to follow step by step format, I couldn't delegate them. Do you see what I'm getting at?

Since, I have to do it anyway, doesn't it make sense to package them up as affordable, high impact tutorials? Absolutely! You may not be able to afford to hire us, but 99% of you will be able to afford our tutorials.

Besides our premium services and tutorials, you'll also discover that even the info pages on Video Seo Go are in depth and informative. Eventually, Video Seo Go will offer membership coaching programs as well, but that is still in development.

We live in an exciting time, buzzing with an unprecedented rate of change. No matter what you do, it's important to remain flexible, move with the moment and respond to the current needs of your market.

Video Seo Go may not turn out to be exactly what I envision, but it certainly could end up being much more than I imagine.

I don't want Video Seo Go to be marketing for marketing sake, I'd like it to make a significant difference in the quality of your life.

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