The Almighty CTR – Click Through Rate

CTR Click Through Rate Feature Graphic

If you don't hold a top spot, a high position on the search engine ranking pages, then you won't get many clicks. Your CTR and your Ranking are intimately connected. Higher rankings lead to higher CTR Click Through Rates. The CTR benchmarks of the top 11 spots on the search engine result pages, are an instrumental performance meter, and a essential component of our predictive ranking formula. Continue

The Cost Per Visit Metric (CPC) – Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click Feature Image

CPC โ€” Cost Per Click Metric Is your profit margin an enigma? Even though cost is essential to any sort of profit equation, you'd be shocked at how many businesses operate their online ventures in the dark. Do you know how much online leads are costing, or how much each new online customer costs? Before answering either of these questions, […] Continue