Keywords for Bands and Musicians

Keyword Research for Bands Featured Image of Keyhole

Finding Keywords for Bands, Musicians and Music Videos is freakishly off-beat. Keywords for music are different and so is the research. If you were into Dry Cleaning, Restaurants or something similar, your Keywords would be all about location. But location isn't that important for bands. The only time you need to think about location is when your promoting a gig or going on tour. Continue

Keyword Research Part 1 — Keywords MEME’s and Monikers


If you're trying to figure out how to find the most relevant keywords for your Video SEO Campaigns or your Website's Posts and Pages then you're in the right place. But this post isn't about the mechanics of Keyword Research. What you'll discover here is an extremely valuable asset, a keyword knowledge base, a conceptual framework that will enrich nearly everything that you do. Continue