The Almighty CTR – Click Through Rate

The Cost Per Click goes hand in hand with your CTR – Click Through Rate. Low cost high volume targeted traffic is the dream team.

Your CTR – Click Through Rate is all about traffic generation, about getting a healthy volume of vital visits.

CTR Click Through Rate Feature Graphic

Every time that you click on a search engine result you're clicking through to a website, video or other online property.

The Click Through Rate is generally associated with paid search and display advertising, but, it applies across the board: to email marketing, to organic search, to any form of online marketing that involves clicking a link.

If you don't hold a top spot, a high position on the search engine ranking pages, then you won't get many clicks. Your CTR and your Ranking are intimately connected. Higher rankings lead to higher CTR Click Through Rates.

The CTR benchmarks of the top 11 spots on the search engine result pages, are an instrumental performance meter, and a essential component of our predictive ranking formula.

Higher rankings lead to higher CTR Click Through Rates.

Other than rank and position, the CTR is a key indicator of two things: the persuasive effectiveness of your content and it's topical relevancy. Is your content compelling and captivating for your target audience?

If your Title and descriptive snippet respond to the needs and fit snugly together with the search query and the search intent, then you're likely to have an above average CTR.

You'd do well to think of your snippets in the same way as you would ads. This is because they're your online elevator pitch. They are the first thing that people see. Snippets are the descriptions listed just below the title on search engine result pages.

On the back end, snippets are the 156 characters that make up meta descriptions. Many people overlook these, but to get ahead of the game, you'll want to give these shorts as much as you can. Make sure they stand out and are eye catching and compelling.

If you don't compose your own snippets, the search engines will automatically generate an ad hock one for you and probably one that you wouldn't be proud of. Do your  snippets inspire people to click on your link and visit?

How to Calculate Your CTR Click Through Rate

The CTR is the percentage of people who click through on a link. It's calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by the number of impressions generated (the total audience or total number of ads served).

Click-through rate (%) = Click-throughs (#) / Impressions (#)

If you recall, the Media Release example from the previous section generated 10,000 visits. While 10,000 visits might seem like a great response, there's really know way of telling, because without hard data it would be nothing more than an assumption.

Let's say that out of 100,000 people who came across your Media Release 10,000  clicked through to your website. Then you can find out what your CTR is by dividing the 100,000 impressions by 10,000 visits. This would give you a CTR of 10% which is nothing to complain about.

However, if a million people saw the Media Release and only 10,000 visited our site then you'd only end up with a 1% percent (CTR) – Click Through Rate.

You won't believe how much brain power has poured into studying the  multi-billion dollar industry of Clicks! I will return to this subject  again to explore some of the latest findings in neuro-research which  shows that  even the smallest tweaks can have a dramatic effect on your  Click Through Rates.