Plain and Simple Search Engine Marketing

SEM and Multi-Channel Marketing Magnets

Sketch out photo of the Key areas of Search Engine Marketing

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing includes any and all marketing activities that increase your visibility on the Search Engine Result Pages.

This includes (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, (SMM) Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaigns and a whole lot more that are generally not considered Search Engine Marketing.

Just because Video Seo Marketing is the cyber star of 21st Century SEM, doesn't mean you should limit your Online Marketing to it alone. One digital channel isn't enough. You want to use as many avenues as possibly to reach out and connect with potential customers.

We all process information differently, with different modalities. While you may prefer reading, others prefer imagery or listening to live action video.

Doesn't it make sense to reach out and touch people in ways that they find most appealing?

Ya, but what about the cost? More marketing channels requires more investment, doesn't it? Yes, but you'd be surprised at the bang you can get for your buck. You're actually saving money by leveraging your investment.

You see, it doesn't cost that much more to follow through and spin off your Video Seo Marketing across a number of different channels. You just need to re-purpose the content of your video(s) across different formats and sharing sites.

For example, the artwork used in a motion graphic video can be turned into an infographic, a slide show, a pdf report and a media release. This not only open up new prospect channels, but also generates a significant number of vitally important backlinks.

A cohesive mix of complimentary marketing channels will create dynamic synergy. The synergy between the combined channels can drive a dramatic increase in the overall performance of your marketing: the whole is indeed greater than the sum of it's parts.

Lets say that you use (PPC) Pay Per Click Ads augment and promote your Video Seo Marketing. Naturally, this generates more traffic to your video assets and ratchets up more Word of Mouth Buzz, which boosts your (SMM) Social Media Marketing.

In other words, if you use (PPC) Pay Per Click Ads to drive traffic to a Promotional Video on Youtube, it will increase the likely hood that your Video will be shared across Social Media Networks. The synergy between PPC, Video Seo and SMM creates a positive feedback loop that elevates the organic position of your video on the search engine result pages. Sound good?

No matter what blend of marketing channels you use to generate traffic, you'll find that some channels will out perform others. Of course, these are the ones that you'll want to make the mainstay of your marketing and tweak them to get even better results.

However, without measuring performance, you'd be like a blind man playing Black Jack. This brings us to the…

The Measures of Success

Search Engine Marketing Metrics

Lord Kelvin, put it succinctly in his famous quote: “To know is to measure” and even more to the point: “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”.

Can you build something without measure? Whatever you construct needs a common standard of measure. Think about, without measure there would be no minutes or hours, no time at all. In fact, there would not have been engines, cars or a digital revolution.

Search Engine Marketing Metrics Visual Mock-up

To make sense out of the world, to improve our lives and understanding, we need true units of measure. This applies to marketing as much as it does to anything else. The essential units used to measure the effectiveness and performance of marketing are known as metrics.

There's oodles of digital marketing metrics, but we're going to focus on the metrics that relate to optimizing your website, video or marketing channel for traffic, search engine rank and leads.

Lets start by putting marketing metrics in the perspective of your customers journey. The first step in the journey begins with an awareness of you, your product and business. This fledgling glimpse isn't strictly a marketing objective because it can occur at any touch point, anywhere your name appears and is generally considered as a function of PR.

However, in regards to Search Marketing, awareness could be associated with your headline, the title of your page. Once the customer has become aware of you and you have his attention, he's interested to find out more, to discover more about your products and services.

During the Discovery Phase of your customers journey, the first inklings of relationship begin to emerge. This is when your customer is inspired to click the link to your Website, watch your Youtube Video, read your Media Release or interact with anyone of your marketing channels. It is also at this stage that our first two marketing metrics comes into play.

While awareness was far too broad to measure, discovery provides an active element that must be measured and examined to effectively budget and maximize your marketing investment.

The first 2 metrics directly correspond with Discovery. They are the (CTR) – Click Through Rate and the (CPC) – Cost Per Click.

The (CTR) – Click Through Rate is used to measure the persuasive effectiveness, the appeal of your content. Is your meta data description a turn on? Does it compel to click on through and visit your website?

The (CPC) – Cost Per Click is used to evaluate the economic efficiency of each Search Engine Marketing channels.

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