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Video SEO Productions

Want to add an extra dash of WOW and spice up your website with some SEO Marketing Videos?

The line between television and video is dissolving, but there's still a huge gap in production costs. In 2011 the average cost of a 30 second commercial production was $300,000.

That's an astounding price tag compared to the fact that a: “typical animated promo video costs anywhere from $3K to $10K a minute. $3K will get you a very simple animated promo video as it will barely cover the costs of producing the script, storyboard, voice-over and hiring an animator.” Grumomedia

There's nothing typical about Video Seo Go. Producing high quality videos doesn't have to cost you a fortune. You'll find that both our Premier and Basic Video Production Packages are reasonably priced.

Video Production Services

Just like television commercials, Video Seo Go Productions are high definition broadcast quality and priced in 30 second segments. Yet, unlike television our pricing starts at $97.00.

You see, there's no reason not to jump on the video band wagon because our Video Production Services start at prices that everyone can afford.

No matter what you need or what your budget is, one of our video production standards should have you covered. Even so, if you really want to supercharge your sales you may want to inquire about a custom video seo solution.

Video Productions can highly complex creatures with a baffling array of variables. Do you really want to think about composting graphic effects, B-roll filming, green screen and the like?

If this were the case you'd almost need to be a film school degree just to know what to order!

By simplifying the process we've cut out the clutter and cut the pricing to a fraction of what you'd normally expect.

Basic and Premier Video Production Services

Excuse our new sales girl for jumping the gun in the video. She gets a little too excited. Before you press the Order Button, you'd probably like to check out the full range of our video production services.

Actually the above video is a white board example of our…

  • Basic Video Production Services

    Starting at $97

    Don't let the price fool you, these are several high quality styles. You can choose from: simple whiteboard animations, testimonials, slide show presentation videos and even some full animation templates.

    So what's the catch? There really isn't one. The reason we can offer this price is because the artwork and animation is generally more basic. It's also more hands on. You'll need to supply a script that fits the video framework as well as any photos you'd like us to use.

  • Creative Video Production Services

    Starting at $497

    UNDER DEVELOPMENT On this level we notch up the creativity and do pretty much everything for you. The whiteboard animations are much more robust. Testimonials will include set design background and slide show style presentations will be much richer with added animation. If you prefer, you could also choose to go with a more fully customized animation style.

    Even though we have many examples of this level of production in our portfolio, we're still in soft launch. Until we have a fully functional online purchase channel in place these Creative Production Services are only available by direct inquiry.

  • Premier Video Seo Production Services

    Starting at $797

    UNDER DEVELOPMENT This level of production gives us more time to devote to the production of your video. We will do preliminary research and compose the script with video seo and marketing in mind

    Until we get closer to the date of our official launch this level of production service like the previous one, is only available by direct inquiry.

Enhancing Your Customers Journey with Video

What would you like? Do you want it to be a 24/7 sales rep?

Would you like your viewers to pick up the phone and make a call, or perhaps subscribe to your list or even better make a purchase online?

Maybe you'd like…

  • An Introduction Business Video

    Introduction videos are also known as a Presentation Video. Why not introduce your company or service with a small business video that people will remember?

  • A Product Video

    This is basically a commercial for your product. Entertaining product videos encourage social sharing and often directly lead to sales.

  • A Promotional Video

    This kind of video is used to increase viewer engagement, build fans and brand awareness.

  • A Tutorial Video or How To Videos

    The useful information in tutorials is a way of offering your viewer value. It increases customer loyalty, shows prospective buyers what to expect and promotes your business as well.

  • A Customer Testimonial Video

    Need Authentic testimonials? Testimonials provide social proof, boost your reputation and help you establish trust. Once you are trusted, your prospects gain enough confidence to make a purchase.
    We take your written testimonials turn them into a script that's presented by a professional actor.

How about Videos for Squeeze Pages, Video Sales Letters, Mini Documentaries or an Infomercial? We can produce whatever kind of video that you need.