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Where does Video Seo fit in the online marketing milieu? Is it a form of Content Marketing, Native Marketing, Inbound Marketing or Search Engine Marketing? That's kind of a trick question. You see…

Video Seo Search Engine Marketing Maze

Video Seo encompasses all of the above Marketing Monikers. Video is the ultimate form of native content, the 21st Century's communication tool par excellence. But some people would have you believe that Video Seo isn't a form of marketing at all.

Sharpening your axe may not be the same as chopping wood, but it certainly makes it easier.

This reminds me of one Abraham Lincoln's quotes. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Video Seo is just like sharpening your axe. It may not be considered to be marketing, per se, but optimizing your video for maximum exposure and maximum performance sure makes marketing that much easier.

Strictly speaking, Video Seo is simply a high performing marketing channel.

Online marketing first emerged as a fresh, exciting and effective way to reach out to an audience. It was a great leveler, that provided small businesses, independent artist and entrepreneurs the same chance of success and results as huge firms with massive budgets.

Fast forward to 2014, Google has all but forsaken its “do no evil” mandate. Search Engine Marketing is now dominated by the major league players. Marketing has invaded the World Wide Web.

Have you noticed how many times a day that that one form of marketing or another crops up on your screen? It seems to be damn near everywhere. One reason for the predominance of online marketing material is because of the effectiveness of marketers.

The problem is that good marketing does not mean good content. In fact, putting less effort into product creation and more into marketing nearly insures inferior products.

“A terrific marketing machine or powerful campaign has the power to attract far more links than content may “deserve, and though this might seem unfair, it’s a principle on which all of capitalism has functioned for the last few hundred years.

Spreading the word is often just as important (or more so) than being right, being honest, or being valuable (just look at the political spectrum)”. Inbound Marketing and Seo Page 58

If you haven't gone digital, you're eventually going to get trounced. Without a foot in the digital marketplace, brick and mortar businesses will continue to drop like flies.

Amazon took down the big publishing houses and your friendly neighborhood book stores tumbled over like dominoes. iTunes annihilated the music industry, and record shops have all but become a thing of the past.

It doesn't even need to be one of the big boys, all it takes is for one of your competitors to get tech savvy and make a digital splash. Even so, you can take some solace from the fact that everyone is facing with same kind of hurdles that you are.

Online marketing is huge, but it's still evolving. The boundaries, systems and regulations of digital enterprise are in an amorphous state of constant flux. So, if you find yourself feeling dazed and confused you're in good company.

A lot of folks feel like online marketing is like a giant maze, a virtual labyrinth filled with unfamiliar choices and unclear opportunities.

Let's face it, small businesses are getting hammered. According to a 2013 Small Business Survey conducted by Yodle, only 53% of American Small Businesses have a website. Even though this is amazingly pathetic, it gets worse.

The “Small Business B2B Call to Action Study” found that 56% of the businesses that do have a website, don't have meta descriptions. Some of you may not know what a meta description is, but it's nearly as important as your headline.

Meta descriptions are the 160 character summary that appears beneath your page listing in the search engine results.

Meta Description Pull Out Screen Shot

You could think of your meta-description as a free classified ad. It may not run in the Sunday Morning paper, but it does run each time that someone searches for your keywords.

A good meta-description can significantly increase your organic CTR – Click Through Rate.

It isn't that business owners don't realize the importance of online marketing. You'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to. The problem is that most people don't have the time to do it themselves.

They can't afford to hire reputable online marketing agencies. So, when they opt for cheap alternatives they often get burned, become disillusioned and give up.

The Online Marketing Maelstrom

The amount of information now at your finger tips would have been unimaginable ten years ago. Of course, this has led to the rapid development of new marketing sectors, like big data marketing.

It's only natural for marketing to segment into more specialized areas, like Social Media Marketing and it's offshoots Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Pinterest Marketing.

Yet, we must be careful that segmentation doesn't turn into fragmentation. The annoying litany of new and overlapping marketing terms seems to suggest that some degree of fragmentation has already set in.

Search Engine Marketing Digital Marketing Lexicon of Labels
Search Engine Marketing Derivations, Specializations and Synonyms
  • Search Marketing
  • SEM Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Organic Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Marketing

Can you believe that the above list is just a small sampling of the many faces of Search Engine Marketing? Can you make sense out of this marketing milieu, this over crowded marketing menu?

You almost need a degree just to unravel the babble that's made it into the digital marketing lexicon.

Many of the new marketing systems that you'll come across, represent nothing more than the re-brandeding of an existing method with a new name or label. It's important to realize that not every form of online marketing is unique; it may be similar to an already existing form.

Unless you have a very specific reason or just love marketing, my advice would be to stay clear of as many of these new forms of marketing as you can. If I had to pick one all-inclusive marketing system, it would be Inbound Marketing, because it is an extension of SEO.

With Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Native Marketing or even Video Seo Marketing, the problem is not only one of definition, but also of integration.

When you're attempting to make the transition into digital marketing, the lack of a comprehensive view can become a huge obstacle.

Putting Video Seo Marketing in its Place

As a specialized branch of Search Engine Optimization, Video SEO needs to be put into context with Search Engine Marketing as a whole.

How can you know where the piece (Video SEO) fits, if you don't have a picture of the puzzle (Search Engine Marketing)?

Wait a minute! Did you notice? I jumped from Search Engine Optimization to Search Engine Marketing?

Actually, Search Engine Optimization is Search Engine Marketing. You see, SEO is one of the two main branches of Search Engine Marketing. It's Organic Search Marketing.

Anything, except paid ads, that helps you gain greater visibility and increase your rank on the Search Engine Result Pages is rightly considered to be under the umbrella of SEO.

While this is correct, it is also true that as technology has evolved and Search has grown much more complex. As a consequence, SEO has had to change. It just grew too big and unwieldy.

A lot of what was originally considered to be good SEO was split off to form Inbound Marketing. A subject that we cover more deeply in an upcoming post.

Until then be sure to check out the Video Seo Go Home Page, because just like everything else, it is changing as we speak.