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Video Seo Media Release

Old style Press Releases went out with the bookstores. Meet the 21st Century Media Release! Media Releases don't just end up in the news. They connect you with millions of bloggers, businesses and potential prospects.

If you want exposure, publicity and promotional power then am optimized Media Release may be just what you're looking for.

All you really need is three things: clear talking points, captivating copy-writing and targeted distribution.

If it's good enough for the White House it ought to be good enough for you. Media Releases are the life blood of politics and the Fortune 500 behemoths.They control the press through strategic Media Release Kits.

Do you realize that 90% of what you see in the News is copied off the pages of Media Releases?

When it comes to Media Releases there is no one size fits all and there aren't any shortcuts. A Media Release for a Youtube, Pop Music Video is in a completely different ballpark than say, a Media Release for an online Business Consultant.

Of course, there are common elements that all Media Releases share, but your situation is uniquely yours.
Nothing is created in a vacuum. Your input is critical. Without your participation, how could we hope to make a Media Release that's perfectly suited for you?

You know your business, you know your product and your goals much better than we do. It's your message, but it's our job to tell your story in a moving and memorable piece that will leave people wanting more.

The Media Release Service that we offer is a collaborative effort. The problem is, that not every match is made in heaven. We might not be right for you, and you might not be right for us.

Before we take on new clients we need to meet up with you online and discuss your project. If you're interested, Click the Button below to choose a convenient time, or continue reading to find out more.

Not just for Youtube Videos

This Media Release Solution was created especially for Youtube Video and Channel Launches, but it would be pretty stupid to limit it?

You can use it to promote virtually any form of content: videos, websites or new products and services.

You see, it's not what you have to say, it's all about how you say it. Framing your content in a useful, meaningful or fascinating way, will make almost anything newsworthy. Don't worry, that's where we come in with a dash of  appealing creativity!

Skyrocket Your Online Exposure

9 out of 10 times our Seo Media Releases end up at the top of Google  News and lead to thousands of targeted visits. It might sound boring, but  the key really is quality content.

You can buy a much cheaper Press Release Service on Fiverr, but isn't your reputation worth more than 5 bucks?

Do  you think that kind of release would get the same level of coverage, or  the kind of ‘Search Love' that shores up your standing?

Hollywood Style Media Coverage

Your video might not be a major Hollywood production, but it did take your time and money to produce. Have you gotten the kind of results that you expected? Was this outcome worth it? Was it worth all your trouble and effort?

Do you realize, that if your video has than 100 views, you're in Youtube's to 10? In fact, your in the to 6% Percent. Millions of videos are uploaded to Youtube every day, but 94% of them will never see more than a hundred measly views. Let me let you in on a secret. Unless you're a Youtube Rockstar your video will need a hefty push.

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Video Seo Media Release — Maximum Buzz

Video Seo Media Release Manikin Mac Book Pro Mock-up

Our Seo Media Releases are optimized three times over first, they're optimized for your target audience, second, for the Search Engines and third, for the Media.

A Properly Optimized Media Release will:
  1. Drive Traffic to your Website, Attract Leads and Connect you directly with Buyers
  2. Get both Local and Main-Stream Media Exposure
  3. Boost your Rank in the Search Engines with a high quality mix of Contextual Backlinks
  4. Generate Social Buzz, Word of Mouth Chatter and increase Brand Awareness
  5. Enhance Your Reputation, Credibility and Influence

Everyone likes a good story, but how many of you would curl up with a good book of ads? If you're Media Release looks anything like an ad it's poison, instant death and something that no one would want to touch.

Your Media Release are can't be too promotional, but it still needs to communicate your message in a persuasive manner. Just like a successful ad, it must resonate with the cares and concerns of your audience. A well written Media Release will captivate the reader with your story, with a healthy dose of fascination and all in 500 words or less.

The problem is that everyone is suffering from attention overload. We're overwhelmed by the incessant stream of information. My grandfather use to have time to sit down and read the paper, the best I can do skim through the headlines.

Do you barrel through copy, jumping from one headline to the next like I do? Most of us are Headline skimmers, and you can be sure that your headline will reach a lot more people than the body of your copy.

So, a great Media Release must start off with a damn good headline, a headline that screams out for attention. One that grabs the reader and pulls them into your story.

Because the Headline is by far the most important element of your Media Release, we'll come up with several optimized headlines to test out and run past our clients.

Video Seo Media Release — Social Media

Video Seo Media Release Social Media Blitz Artwork

Social Media Networking is the easiest way to maximize the impact and reach of your Media Releases. Social Media is the word of mouth of the digital age. Instead of talking it up with your circle of friends, now thousands, no millions of people can take part and listen in.

The viral influence of Social Media even helped Obama win the American Presidential Election in 2012.

At the time of the election (Nov. 6, 2012), Obama's Facebook page had 32 million “Likes,” while Romney's had a paltry 12 million.

The same thing happened on Twitter. Obama had close to 22.8 million Twitter followers, while Mitt Romney only had 1.7 million. Can you believe it? You could have picked the winner just from the Social Media numbers. Soft Quote — David M. Scott The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Besides increased exposure to special interest groups and interested buyers, Social Media has become the sweetheart of Search. Ever since Google unleashed the Penguins and Pandas from the algorithmic zoo, Social Media Shares, Citations, Likes and Votes have gained more clout in their search engine ranking formula.

According to research done by Searchmetrics, social signals play a more prominent role in ranking websites. A strong correlation was clearly evident between social signals and better rankings.

Our clients enjoy an extra special level of Social Media Networking. Each Social Media Package is custom targeted to focus on the most appropriate Social Media Sites. Just on Video Seo Go's Social Media Pages we reach out to 10's of thousands of active users. Each Media Release is:

  1. Showcased on Video Seo Go's Facebook Page 30,000+ Followers
  2. Featured Tweets on Video Seo Go's Twitter Account 10,000+ Followers
  3. Shared on Video Seo Go's Google Plus Page with nearly 2000 Followers

To increase the Social Currency even more, we share each Media Release across the entire network of the most popular Social Sites. So, you can see that we make sure that a significant social buzz is generated around the our Media Releases.