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Rather than an across the board Video Seo blitz, you may want to test the waters and start with a Youtube Seo Campaign. You might not realize it, but YouTube isn't just a website, it’s a phenomena

You see, by focusing on Youtube Seo you’ll maximize your exposure on the one platform that dwarfs them all


Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it's at the top of the traffic heap, being the 3rd most popular site on the net.

Youtube has the numbers, they have the audience and they have the power. So doesn't it make sense to start at the top?

By building a presence on Youtube your online videos can literally reach millions of people across the world.

Youtube streams more videos than all the other file sharing sites combined. Lets face it, when you’ve made it on Youtube, you’ve made it!

How is Youtube Seo Different than Video Seo?

The main difference between Video Seo and Youtube Seo is that with Video Seo you need to rinse and repeat.

With Video Seo you'll basically have to do the same thing you did on Youtube across all of the most popular video sharing sites.

It's important that your video is an unique entity, exact copies don't count on Google and can actually work against you. This means that you'll have to optimized your videos with different titles and descriptions on each platform that you upload to.

Uploading your video to several video sharing sites, like; Vimeo, Dailymotion and Metacafe, does have its benefits. You do get valuable backlinks and more places for people to discover your video and website.

The problem is that there's hundreds of video sharing sites and chances are the quality of your optimization will suffer.

How can you build a loyal following across myriads of different video sharing platforms?

Unless, you have an agency like Video Seo Go to do the heavy lifting you, you probably won't be able to keep up with the work load. There are semi-automated services. Traffic Geyser is probably the best, but it walks a fine line between spam generation and acceptable multi-channel content repurposing. At the very least it is prone to misuse.

You've got to figure out is the trouble is worth the benefit. It is cheaper to repurpose your videos, write up unique but similar descriptions, but is the extra exposure and increased search engine standing it worth it? The answer entirely depends on what you want to accomplish. Each situation is different.

You should know that Video Seo is our premium service and more expensive than our Youtube Seo Solutions.

Besides the price tag, Youtube Seo gives you a chance to dip your toe before diving in. Most of the time you can get quick results with Youtube Seo. Besides, it will give you an chance to test and refine each step in your video seo marketing sales funnel.

Ultimately, building a relationship with your audience is what turns casual viewers into interested prospects. There's probably never been a better time than now to jump on the Youtube bandwagon, because things have radically changed.

Youtube is continually revamping its interface towards greater mobility and “channelization”. The entire emphasis of Youtube has shifted from individual ‘cat' videos to channel continuity.

You could think of your Youtube Channel's as your own television station. It's a brilliant time to build up your Youtube channel, your reputation and global presence with Youtube Seo Marketing.

Youtube Seo will get your video to stand out, and you will build an energized base of subscribers and fans.

You've probably come across hype and smooth pitches thousands of times by now. I won't lie to you, Youtube Seo does drive people to your website, but you'll need to have it set up so that it's easy to take the kind of action that you'd like them to.

Some forms of marketing don't require a website, because a properly designed Youtube Seo marketing Campaign can get prospects to pick up the phone and call or even get them through your front door.

The only thing that you have to do is be able to deliver the goods and service their needs.

At Video Seo Go we actually believe in action and results. In fact, we guarantee that you will get results, that you’ll reach the benchmarks you signed up for.