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Video Seo is the hottest content marketing media on the planet. The keyword is marketing! Video Seo without marketing is like a light bulb without electricity.

Video rocks conversions, Seo gets you found, and Marketing seals the deal.

Whatever you do, whatever you want to be known for, whatever you want to accomplish, will get a massive boost with Video Seo Marketing.

Right now, we're in the midst of quantum shift, a revolution that's rippling through each of our lives and changing the planet. It's happening so fast that's a blur. It's a generational shift that's hard to see. A retrospective reality check might help you put things in perspective.

Going back just a few years, online video was a cyber rarity and Video Seo was on the far side of geek. I'm still wondering when Geek turned Cool.

The fantastic rise of Online Video

Click on the image to see what Youtube looked like in 2006? This was right before Google bought Youtube for a paltry 1.6 Billion.You may not realize it, but back then you couldn't make very good videos without million dollar work stations.

The power of video and film was simply out of reach for everyone except the multinationals.Boy has that changed! We've entered the golden age of video tech.

Now, the epic power of movie making, of video production is at your figure tips. Video is the TV of the 21st Century.

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Video is taking over the web like wild fire! Now What?

Now Online Video is a necessity rather than an accessory & this brings up a lot of questions.

How can you squeeze video into a work load that's still reeling from a social hangover, the most recent digital force fed delight?

How in the world can you take full advantage of Video Marketing without getting confused or ripped off?

How can you professionally compete in a field that required huge production teams to produce persuasive footage and global Ad Agencies to place it, to make sure it was seen?

Video Seo Go might not have all the answers, but our video seo services will help you get the most out of video marketing without needing to sell the farm.

Question Mark Manikin Illustration for Video Seo Go

Without videos, Video Seo Marketing is utterly useless. Video Production is not the main stay of Video Seo Go, but we do offer Video Production Services.

So, if you need fresh content for your Video Seo Marketing or just want a promo video, our Video Production Services can help.

For those of you who are on a budget, our Basic Video Production Services offer exceptional quality, high end videos at affordable prices.

Even when you've have your Video Productions covered, it doesn't guarantee that you'll get global exposure. To make an impact, your videos have to stand out.

You see, we're assaulted with 100's of thousands of images, millions of pitches designed to grab our attention.  Your exposed to more in  one day, than your Grandparents saw in their entire life. Even awesome videos can get lost in this noisy clutter.

The gold rush is on for your mind space, for each vital second of your attention.

If you want to cut through the commercial haze and get exposed to those who are searching for just what you offer, then you need to be on the 1st page of Youtube, Bing and Google, at the very top of the thousand page heap of search engine results.

When you're looking for something, do you scroll past the first page of results?

Chart of Google Search Results Traffic by Page

Websites that show up on the 1st Page of Google get 91.5% of the traffic. The 2nd Page only gets 4.8% of the clicks. Where would you like to show up in the search results?

Getting to the 1st Page of search engine results isn't as easy as it used to be, especially for competitive keywords. However, out of the six main types of featured content in your search results, video is the undisputed ranking champion.

  • PayPer Click Ads
  • News Items
  • Map Locations
  • Images
  • Organic Webpages
  • Videos

Video is your most direct path to the first page. In fact, compared to traditional Seo, Video Seo is 53 times more likely to drive a 1st page search result. Forrester Research Labs

Actually, each time you upload a new video you have a great opportunity. You can not only push your video up to the first page, but also get a first page listing on Google News.

Our Video Seo Press Solution harnesses the power of the thousands of media outlets and bloggers, and 99% of the time will you’ll get you page one coverage.

Video Seo Primer

Even though we've been talking about Video Seo Marketing, you may still wondering what the heck Video Seo (Video Search Engine Optimization) actually is.

As a specialized branch of traditional Seo, it's best to consider Video Seo in the context of your overall Seo Strategy. Don't get me wrong though, Video Seo can stand on its own. Some people use their Youtube Channel and social pages in lieu of a website.

Of course, there's a great deal of commonality between Seo and Video Seo. I'm tempted to digress into the story of Seo, into the cat and mouse game between Google and the Blackhat Seo hackers who are always trying to game the system, but that would take us too far off the subject.

Let's suffice it to say that Video Seo is an art form, an art form that has a high degree of complexity and elements of scientific inquiry. However, it doesn't have to be nearly as complicated or as obscure as its often made out to be.

You don't have to be a Seo Pro, but you will want to be familiar with some of the basics. Selecting the right Video Seo Service is like dining out at a fine French restaurant. You don't need to know how to cook the dishes, but if you don't understand what's on the menu you could end up with a belly ache.

When it's done correctly Video Seo won't only make your video easy to find, it'll also help you produce a video that's compelling, engaging and ultimately a success.

Video Seo, VSEO for short, is basically a set of no nonsense guidelines that help the Search Engines do their job. It's their job to deliver it up to the people who are actually looking for something that your video offers.

Video Seo involves making sure that your Video's Meta-Data, Title, Description, Tags and Content are all congruent, congruent to both man and machine, your viewer and the almighty algorithm.

Even so, Video Seo is also intimately connected to the value, quality and appeal of your content. This is because these elements constitute something called engagement. Engagement has become a vitally important part of the formula that search engines use to determine the authority and position of your video in their results.

Did you know that most people only watch the first ten-seconds of a video?

How engaging is your video? Does it captivate your viewers. Is it entertaining or informative. Does it offer people something in return for their time and attention? Perhaps, it has useful information or provides the solution to a particular problem.

At Video SEO Go we specialize in…

Video Seo Marketing Solutions

You may of heard of Google's Penguin and Panda updates, but did you know that Google is always changing up the game.

In Video Seo, nothing is written in stone. We keep up with the ever changing landscape so you don't have to.

You can sleep easy at night while your competitors toss and turn because the Video Seo Go Solutions that you get from us are safe and sound. Our standards are not only in line with the Google's Webmaster Guidelines, they raise the bar.

Each VSEO Solution is carefully calibrated to deliver lasting results

We've just rolled out the Youtube Seo Media Solution. Seo Video Productions will follow in the first week in August.

We are also working on the Youtube Seo Setup Solution which will be available later this year.

However, you can opt for us design a custom Video Seo Solution just for you. Availability is limited and there is no obligation! So why wait? Go ahead and click the button to get started right away.

For a limited time you can get a Live Video Consultation for FREE!

This isn't a pitch session. Write your questions down ahead of time so to make the most out of this one on one session. It's easy, just choose a day and time that's convenient for you on my booking form.